О, геймспот я уважаю — поставили great.

UPDATE: Во-во, великолепное резумирующее:

Freelancer deliberately abandons the complexity of most space simulations in order to offer a more accessible experience. It features a solid single-player campaign, simple but addictive RPG elements, and an open-ended gaming world that’s enjoyable to explore by yourself or with friends. While traditional fans of the genre may prefer the additional depth of more-orthodox simulations, Freelancer’s streamlined controls and simplified gameplay make it easier for you to immediately begin freely exploring an expansive star system and looting and destroying enemy factions. Some of the development team’s original, more-novel plans may have proved to be impracticable to implement, but even a compromised design has been crafted into a solid game.

Кой в чем не согласен, но в целом — верно.

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