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He sounds like Borat

why is the car going really slow. there is no sense of speed

wow! that’s a really fast game…lol XD 

off-road in real life its fun, but in this game looks boring like hell. 

what the hell was he saying

i can only laugh about this gameplay ;D
does 1c company really think that many people want to play this?

Damn, can the company get someone else to do the presentation. This dude is mad gay.

Hey i know, get Reggie to talk for the video… yeah man it will be hilarious! *Snicker, snicker…

My name a Borat, I like you, I like off road racing, it’s nice

Есть, конечно, два фаната, но в целом печально. Не стоило явно русского сажать рассказывать про игру. Для этого должны быть специальные люди, не умеющие держать джойстик, как у Capcom.

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