We have received new information from NOA regarding E3. This year all
European media and retailers who wish to attend E3 need to
registration themselves online at the following URL:
http://www.e3expo.com/ (The ESA will not be directly inviting
media/retailers to the show this year). Registration is now open.

И даже больше:
Titles that are unacceptable include, but are not limited to accounting, administration, art director, graphic designer, manager, marketing representative, president, public relations personnel, publisher, sales representative and vice president.

И еще:
Please allow one extra week for processing mailed credentials. You must submit your required credentials
to complete your registration request.

Print Media & Newswire Reporters:

To qualify as media, please provide:

A copy of your business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s logo, and
A copy of your driver`s license or government issued photo identification clearly showing your name and date of birth (no one under 17 will be admitted), and
A bylined article from your publication written by you and published within the last six months (the copy must clearly show the name of your publication and your

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