Брожу по форумам… Такие угары встречаются:

«Вчера, только стал мастером архитектором сижу в Keren’e в космопорте, загружаю фурнитуру в базар. И тут:
История #1 “How Much for the House”
Он: Hi
Я: Hello
Он: You sell small house?
Я: Yea, 17k cr each.
Он: «But 17k is too much for a house! I bought one for 5k!»
Я: «Oh, I sell them for 5k too»
Он: «Cool, when will it be ready?»
Я: «Well, I have 3 orders from people paying 20k to fill first, two people buying at 17k, a few at 10k, and a dozen or so people in line for 5k, so email me in a few weeks, mkay?»
Он: «uh…»
Я: «and thats assuming no one else wants one for more than 5k, they get bumped to the top… But I tell you what, I can move you up to the top if you get the resources ahead of time.. Thats whats slowing me down now…. 5k and all the resources, and I can fit you in on thursday.»
Он: «uh… What if I paid you 20k?»
Я: «Well… The next guy in line hasnt logged in yet today, so I guess if you had the 20k right now…»
История #2 “Factory for less”
Я: Well price is 65k
Oн: 65k is too much
Я: that’s my price
Он: 25k is probably right
Я: /shout anyone selling a factory, i’ll buy one right now for 80k Я: yeah, so, 65k is my price…
Еще была пара неплохих моментов, но их я забыл на мыло рабочее скинуть


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