О, в августе выходит After Effects 6.0. Стоит каких-то $999 =)))

Самое главное:

«After Effects 6.0 now deals with Solid layers differently. In the past, Solids were created in the Timeline only. Now in 6.0, Solids are created as an actual file in the Project Window with unique names (actually the color of the Solid). This makes it easy to reuse Solids in other compositions without having to constantly create those new solids yourself.»

«Adobe has really gone through AE6.0 and made sure that it runs much faster.»

Остальное слишком конкретно, да и большинство плагинами для пятерки лечится. Впрочем, 6.0 несет вполне новшеств — после лета бум искать.

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