NVIDIA выпендривается:

«GeForce FX Facts

There are


floating point operations per second in the pixel shader alone. That…

Can render >100 Jurassic Park dinosaurs at 100 frames per second.
Is more floating point power than a Cray SV-1 supercomputer.
Is 30 times Infinite Reality geometry power!
Is 5 times the projected world population in 2050!
Is 120 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, if converted to meters.
Is 2 times the volume of wine produced in the entire world in 1998, if converted to liters.

The number of transistors in NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU:


That is…

3 times the size of a Pentium 4 microprocessor!
35 times the size of NVIDIA’s RIVA 128 GPU, released just five years ago!
3.9 years, if you took one second to count every transistor.
4.5 times the population of Tokyo, Japan!
If converted to US Dollar bills and placed end-to-end, would stretch from New York to Hong Kong.
More than the number of people in the entire world who speak French or German. «

И хорошо это делает, надо сказать.

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