Дум3 — во всем виновата ATi

Пост Вебраннера:

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Planetquake.de, Xian — Кристиан Аитков, дизайнер уровней из id software:

Xian> ATI leaked it
Xian> oh we will. We are hoping our rep gets fired.
Xian> John sent them a flame mail yesterday basically saying «This has hurt our relationship»
Xian> haha, no
Xian> not really
Xian> they sent us a development laptop with a full build of Unreal Warfare on it
Xian> yep
Xian> Well, we deleted it
Xian> that’s a whole can of worms we don’t want to get into
Xian> yeah, well, ATI has clearly violated our NDA
Xian> we thought about that.
Xian> but, no
Xian> ATI is on our shitlist righ tnow
Xian> we are not dealing with them until further notice
Xian> no, it’s not public chiQ
Xian> We know ATI leaked it. We watermark all releases
Xian> Squiggle: ATI has a relaxed policy about pre-release software. Remeber, they ave us a laptop that had Unreal Warfare loaded on it 3 months ago
Xian> They don’t seem to care about strict enforcement of NDA’s
Xian> on a positive note, people seem to *REALLY LIKE* the leaked shit

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