Пипец продаются

«The Good: Awesome presentation, featuring cutting-edge graphics and sound; delicious assortment of high-powered near-future weapons; excellent cooperative mission mode lets you play split screen or online; lots of multiplayer options, including some clever twists on familiar themes; one of the best original soundtracks this year.
The Bad: Characters can look ugly up close, plus some other minor graphical glitches; some missions are frustrating, especially since you can’t save midmission; pretty weak storyline is incidental to all the action. »

Сюжет, конечно, говно, а персонажи вблизи выглядят убого, но игра все равно крутая, поэтому 9.0 ей и НВ %)))) Впрочем, я сам очень хочу сыграть в PDZ.

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