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Семейное фото

Спонсор показа — Zombie U ))))

Автор: Антон Логвинов

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Well I took myself to Bayou,
I could not believe my eyes,
The folks had been mutated,
Not quite Dead, but not alive.
Wasn’t really looking for love,
But they say that’s when it strikes,
She had that look of been dug up,
But that’s the type I like.
Yeah, free world man.
One man’s meat,
Yadda yadda yadda,
Man, She was Good…
Well, She came towards me,
Said no words, just kinda snarlin’,
And she tried to eat my brains out,
I just had to kiss you darling!
Think I kinda rushed it though,
Cause as her lips touched my mouth,
Her gums broke free from her face,
Thought it rude to spit them out.

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