Британци стали жечь круче US

Do you have a UK National Insurance Number?  YesNoDo you have any criminal convictions in any country (including traffic offences)?  YesNoHave you ever been charged in any country with a criminal offence for which you have not yet been tried in the court (including traffic offences)?  YesNoIn times of either peace or war have you‚ ever been involved in‚ or suspected of involvement in‚ war crimes‚ crimes against humanity or genocide?  YesNoHave you ever been involved in‚ supported‚ or encouraged terrorist activities in any country? Have you‚ ever been a member of‚ or given support to an organisation that has been concerned in terrorism?  YesNoHave you ever‚ by any means or medium‚ expressed views that justify or glorify terrorist violence or that may encourage others to terrorist acts or other serious criminal acts?  YesNoHave you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?  YesNo

Автор: Антон Логвинов

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