Наткнулся на сайт Jesper Kyd Productions — оказывается, эти ребята написаи много саундтреков к играм:

Orchestral: Hitman2 — PS2/XBox/PC (Eidos)
This score was performed by 110 musicians from
the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir and mixed & edited in Denmark at major Copenhagen studio «RadioHusets Concert Hall». Kyd wrote
atmospheres for each of Hitman2’s 6 worlds and
the score consists of action & heroic orchestral
music, as well as ambient and electronic tracks.
H2-MainTitle.mp3 H2-TheSetup.mp3
H2-SicilySlow.mp3 H2-IndiaAction.mp3

Fantasy: The Nations/Die Volker2 — PC (JoWooD)
We are creating music and sound effects for The
Nations. The score consist of fantasy music mixed with beats, unique electronic compositions and orchestral elements. JoWooD encouraged us to experiment and
come up with a music style not heard in a fantasy game TN-ForestHymnV4.mp3 TN-WorkHymn.mp3
TN-TheAmazon.mp3 TN-ForestSpirit.mp3

Ambient/Cinematic/Action: Hitman — PC (Eidos)
The Hitman score was written in Direct Music,
allowing us to write music that changes in
accordance to your actions within the game.
The score includes modern action cues, scary
ambient tracks and atmospheric thematic music.
HongKong.mp3 — Jungle1.mp3 — Jungle2.mp3
Hitman Title (Remastered Extended Version)

MDK2 — PS2/Dreamcast/PC (Bioware)
For MDK2 & MDK2 Armageddon we created dance music and ambient music for charectors Max and Kurt. Kyd created the Kurt tracks together with orchestrator Albert Olsen (Sleepy Hollow)
Max1.mp3 — Max3.mp3 — Kurt5.mp3

Dance: Shattered Galaxy — PC/Online (Nexon)
We created the title music for the first real-time
online multiplayer strategy game. You can now
download this dance track which includes
sound design, intro narration and vocals.
Download Fatamorgana.mp3

Ambient: Soldier — PC (Southpeak Interactive)
The 9 Soldier tracks were created by Kyd and
Jun Mizumachi. The score consists of dark
ambient sci fi songs with atmospheric sound
design mixed together with cinematic themes.
— Desert Planet.mp3 — Dead City.mp3
— Catwalk.mp3

Break Beat: Messiah — PC/PSX (Shiny)
We created dark and futuristic dance tracks,
Fear Factory remixes and ambient music.
— club track #1: Short (2MB) Long (7MB)
— club track #2 Short (4MB) Long (6MB)

Trance: Scorcher — Saturn/PC (Scaven/GT)
Kyd created trance and drum n bass tracks with the Sega Saturn internal music chip.
Suburbs — The Dump — Main Title

Gothic/Industrial: Amok — Saturn/PC (Scav/GT)
The Amok score is dark and suspenseful. It
includes sci-fi and futuristic atmospheres.
Main Title — Progress — Underwater

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